What We Love

We believe that you can teach anything to anyone. There really is no limit to what someone can learn if they put their mind to it. But there is one thing that we cannot teach and that’s passion. You know what we’re talking about. That fire in your belly that makes hard work seem like the most fun you’ve ever had. That feeling of waking up in the middle of a fever dream to write down your crazy/best ideas. Constantly talking about that idea that’s wormed into your mind with your friends to the point where they stop inviting you to stuff. Yeah...that kind of passion.

And passion is exactly what we have in spades at Bethink Labs. Our team isn’t just interested in solving problems and building great products, we’re downright zealous about it. We think there are many (perhaps too many) opportunities to shape the way people interact with the world and themselves and we cannot wait to sink our teeth into some of the topics that we find most interesting.


Human-Computer Interactions

Voice, eyesight, movement, or thoughts - the way we communicate with machines is fundamentally changing. As our relationship with machines evolves, we are here creating the experiences that define the way we use these technologies into the future.


    Consumers are waking up to the environmental impacts of their purchasing decisions. What you buy matters as much as where, how, and why. We are here building consumer brands for the long term.

      Immersive Gaming

      Games are changing. With improved internet access, gamers are now more connected than ever before. Combined with advances in artificial intelligence, the possibilities for immersive experiences are endless. We are here building the next ways of play.

        The Human Mind

        The greatest computer ever created. Advances in the ability to understand and augment the human mind have led to a neuro-renaissance for consumers. As consumers embrace products aimed at improving mental health and acuity, we are here building products for the original OS.

          The Future of Automobility

          With self-driving technology, smart city infrastructure, and new marketplaces integrated into your daily commute, cars are beginning to look very different from what they used to. As cars become increasingly more focused on convenience and safety, we are here building the products that get you where you are going.