How We Build

Founded on the venture studio model, we work on our own products as well as partner with entrepreneurs and enterprises to build new and innovative products from the ground up.

Our founding team has extensive experience launching award-winning digital products, helping startups and enterprises launch scalable, consumer-facing products across industries including automotive, healthcare, fitness, retail, real estate, and media.

We have molded our collective experiences into a repeatable platform and understand the entire process from conception to managing production applications with millions of users.

We thrive in the unknown and we’re not afraid to play in the dark.

Dream Big

Ideas come from everywhere. Whether it came to us in a dream or we are partnering with industry experts, we put the right heads together to solve the right problems. Call us starry eyed, but we’re attracted to big and ambitious problems because we believe those are the ones worth solving

How we generate ideas:

  • Problem/Solution Analysis
  • Ideation Workshops
  • Lots and Lots of PostIt Notes

Dive In

We love questions, and we ask a lot of them. Not all of our ideas are gold, Jerry, and we want to find that out fast. Is it feasible? Desirable? Economically viable? Our leadership team has extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative research which we rigorously apply to our ideas to find the best of the bunch.

How we explore our ideas:

  • Market Validation
  • Lean Business Canvas
  • Hypothesis Testing and Customer Feedback

Quick Wins

We understand the importance of moving quickly. And that’s what we do. Once we have a quick version to test, we go seek the real customer feedback we need to move in the right direction. If we got it wrong, then we go back and try again until our customers tell us we’ve got the right thing.

How we test our ideas:

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Technical Proof of Concept
  • User Testing and some more Customer Feedback

Scale Up

If our customers like what we’ve done, then we move even quicker to build a market-ready MVP. We have an award winning team of designers, product managers, and engineers to help build a robust and scalable product that we can launch into market.

How we build our products:

  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Design and Branding
  • Go-to-Market and Growth Strategy

Send Off

Once we have the right product in the right market, we monitor success and track it. For the products that are working well, we further invest our resources to make it a fully-grown enterprise with its own management and delivery team.

How we grow our companies:

  • Minimum Viable Company
  • Recruiting, Legal, and BizOps
  • Fundraising and Company Formation

Innovating with Partners

We partner with big brands to create the new digital, consumer-facing product lines they need to stay innovative and competitive in their industries. Partnering closely with your business team to do the same level of research and care to build scalable, thoughtfully designed software products the same way we build our own.